Out of yarn

Not totally of course. You should see my stash... Yarn spilling out all over the place.

No, I'm just out of yarn for this one project. See, I made that bulky wool scarf I showed off in the previous post. Eunny Jang's Spectrum Scarf (without the spectrum), which I really liked because it's a reversible lace. I'm not a fan of scarfs that have a right side and a wrong side, as I've noted before.

I had 10 balls of yarn. The scarf took 7. I had three left. I decided to make a cute hat to match. Since I've been delving into crochet, I picked the Cloche Hat with Flower from Crochet in No Time by Melody Griffiths. I used size K hook, and I obviously didn't make the flower. I thought with the multicolored yarn it would be too much. Also, the pattern called for the hat to be long enough to fold up, but I liked it better without the fold. Check it out. It's so cute! And crochet is so fun and fast.

Crocheted Cloche Hat

The hat only took 1.5 balls, so I had 1.5 left. I thought I'd make mittens. I searched far and wide for a good, basic mitten pattern for bulky yarn. I wanted to crochet first, but I couldn't find a pattern with the right gauge. In the end I found the Plaid Mittens pattern. Perfect gauge, awesome pattern. I made one mitten in no time at all.

Colourmate Mitten

Then I got worried, because the one mitten seemed to take a whole ball of yarn. I only had about a half ball left. I forged ahead anyways, thinking that worst case I could make them both fingerless mitts. This is how much of the second mitt I got.

Fingerless Mitt

Using the yarn I rip back from the finished mitt I'd be able to complete this one as a fingerless mitt, but I really like the full mittens, and wish I had just a little bit more so I can finish this one! So I've decided to rip the scarf back a few inches. Since it's 8 feet long, I think it can spare a few inches.

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