Finished set

I made that way more difficult than it needed to be. But it's done! A hat/scarf/mittens set in Colourmate 100% New Zealand wool. As I explained before, I had run out of yarn with half a mitten left. So I frogged the scarf several inches to get enough yarn to finish. But I was a fool, and almost didn't pull enough back.

As I was finishing the second mitten, I could tell I was going to be really really close to running out again, so I finished it about 2 rounds earlier than the first mitten. When I was done I had about 12 inches left attached, but I also had about a yard left from the hat floating around. I'm such a dork, and the half inch shortness of the one mitten annoyed me so much, that I ripped it back to use the extra yarn I had to knit an extra 1 full round, and 1 short round after the decreases. Now I'm content, and the project is finished, and the yarn is gone. Yay!

Colourmate Set

Colourmate Set

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Though are the mittens different sizes...? JUST KIDDING!!

Cute set :)