one sweater down...

Hey, it's done!

Pink Cardigan

A bit too small for Bickie, but she loves it anyways. I made a mistake and sewed the collar in the wrong way, with the seam showing on the outside, but since the collar folds down and covers it most of the time, I'm not going to bother fixing it.

Leaf Motif

Marya went to the yarn store with me to pick out buttons. After a long time looking at all their pink buttons and not finding any we liked, we found these perfect ones. Little leaves and berries to go with the leaf motifs in the knitting.


i have been knitting

It may not seem like I've been getting any knitting in, due to my lack of updates. But I have been! Mostly, I've been working on the pink cardigan for Bickie, which is now SO close to being done. I finally finished the sleeves, re-knit the right front, blocked it, knit on the button bands, seamed it all up, and now I've just finished the collar. I need to sew that on, block the button bands (they pull in a bit) and sew in all the ends, and I'm done! Whohoo.

Pink Cables

Pink Leaf Motif