local yarn store

Finally, after touring yarn stores all over the world, I finally paid a first visit to my local yarn store. Seriously. I buy most of my yarn online, and when I'm home I usually have 500 other things to be doing, so I've never made the 10 minute drive before to A Good Yarn to check out in person some lovely yarns. Well, my best friend just moved back from NYC and her new apartment is right down the street from A Good Yarn, so the other morning we went, with Little Sis Nys in tow. They've got a nice selection, and the best part is they have a few old toys to keep the kiddos occupied. With supervision of course, provided by my BFF. :)

I went without a project or pattern in mind, which is usually the way. The way I knit is I get yarn I like, then I search for something to make out of it. So I was just browsing to see if there was any yarn I liked. There was a lot, but since I'm a bit budget-constrained lately, I limited myself to some sale yarn. I got 6 balls of this super soft Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Astrakhan boucle type yarn. And then I wanted to knit something out of it right away.

Debblie Bliss Astrakhan

I searched and searched for a cute, basic baby sweater to make (basic since the boucle won't show any sort of knit patterning). I didn't want a hoodie, because I've come to the realization after knitting a few hoodies, and buying my kids countless other hooded items, that kids generally don't like to wear hoods. I settled on the Presto Chango. It looks simple (I'll just stocking stitch the front panel) but of course I'll need to get a bunch of buttons at some point.

So far I've knit the first 3 inches or so of the back. The yarn is so slow to knit, because of all the loopy bits, and the 2 plies keep separating, but I love the way the knitted fabric looks. I'm happy to be working on something that seems like it will go quickly, because as I mentioned before I'm bored of the other big project I have on the needles. This break from it will hopefully get me back on track.



I was cruising along on the pink cardigan for Big Sister Bou, finishing the front panels, and starting the back. Something, not sure what it was, caused me to pull out the two finished panels for a sec and line them up to each other to see if they matched. Crappity crap crap.

They didn't.

On the right side (left in the photo above) I had used size 5 needles instead of size 6 for the leaf motif. So the top portion is actually correct, it's just the bottom that needs redoing. Of course, there's no way to reknit the bottom without frogging out the top. Gah.

Oh well. I'm almost done with the back, and then I'll knit the right panel again before tackling the sleeves I guess. This sweater is starting to bore me. Maybe I'll work on the Mystery Stole for a bit.