clapotis finally finished

I finally just finished my clapotis scarf today. Well, I finished knitting it yesterday, then I washed it and lightly blocked it (very lightly, I just spread it out on the floor and reshaped, no pins). Today I wove in the ends, and it's done!

I took a photo of myself modeling it as a head scarf. Sorry for the bad lighting.
Clapotis Scarf

I kinda love it, despite the fact that it's one-sided. Meaning one side of it is clearly the Right Side, and one is the Wrong Side. I don't usually like scarves that have a right and wrong side, because when you're wearing a scarf you don't want to worry about which side is showing. Plus they move around so much, you might inadvertently have the wrong side flip forward. But whatever. It's gorgeous and soft and not at all my colors, and I still think it's gorgeous. Took long enough, so it better be.

Here's the Right Side.
Lace weight Clapotis

No point in showing the other side, because it's Wrong.


Macoco said...

That is a very pretty clapotis. I like it that size too, it makes a great scarf.

Unknown said...

I finally just finished my clapotis scarf today