Back at it

I've been away for away. Both away from home, and away from knitting. I took at 5 week trip over the summer, back to New Zealand, and also to the Cook Islands and California. I made the difficult decision before leaving to NOT bring any knitting with me. I figured that if I really needed to knit, I could pick something up in NZ. And that's what I did.

Unlike last year, I did not this time visit a lot of yarn stores in New Zealand. See, the reason for the trip this time was reconnaissance. My family is moving to New Zealand in January, and we were there looking at areas we're interested in, looking for jobs, etc. Last time I was down under and went on a yarn shopping spree, I got so much, I've barely made a dent in it. It's likely that I'll be bringing all that yarn BACK over with me. So there was no way I was going to buy more now.

But I did make one visit to the Design Spun factory store and pick up 10 balls of Naturally Colourmate bulky 100% wool just to mess around with while there. It was winter in the southern hemisphere, so the heavy wool was fine to work with.

I picked this simple one row lace pattern for a scarf. I borrowed 6.5 mm needles from my mother in law and while sitting around in front of the fireplace, got about half way through. When I got home, it was still the height of summer, and I didn't feel much like working on such a heavy project. But I powered through. It'll be perfect for the beginning of winter here, before we move in January and head to their height of summer.

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