warm and wooly

I finished Aidan's socks! They turned out well. Sooper doopter (as Bickie says) thick and warm.

Comfy Socks

I followed the Comfy Socks pattern pretty closely. To make the yarn bulky enough, I held the Treliske Organic Merino doubled. I made the large size, on size 11 needles (long circular, magic loop) and they fit him pretty well. Funny thing is, he has one foot that's half a size longer than the other, so I knit one half an inch longer. I guess that's one of the benefits of hand knit socks. :) To differentiate them, I double stitched a large L in the bottom of the longer one, which works out well, because it's also his left foot.

Comfy Socks

The one silly mistake I made was that I decided to make the socks ribbed, instead of just stocking stitch all the way. With 28 stitches cast on, I divided with 14 on each half of the magic loop. And I k2, p2 across the first 14, then k2, p2 across the second 14. I didn't even realize until I rearranged the stitches after knitting the heel flap that each set of 14 was beginning and ending with k2, so that I had 2 ribs that were k4. Oops. I'll just pretend I did that on purpose. It was on purpose on the second sock, after all. ;)

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