is 35 years old "vintage"?

When I visited my mother-in-law in New Zealand in February she let me raid her HUGE box of old patterns. One of the magazines I took from her was an issue of Stitchcraft, published December 1972, the month and year Aidan was born. I liked the idea that she was sitting there, 9 months pregnant, waiting for my husband to be born, flipping through this magazine.


Maybe she came across this scarf pattern and thought how cute it was, and how she'd like to knit it for herself, but it was summer (seasons reversed down under) and she'd wait a bit, but then her baby was born and she had no time to knit for herself.

Vintage Pattern

Okay, maybe it didn't go down that way, but I think it's a totally cute scarf, so I knit it for her.

Vintage Scarf

Drop Stitch Scarf

I used the last of my Interlacements Oregon Worsted Merino Wool in Tapestry. I LOVE this yarn. Love love. And I love the baby born 35 years ago last week, who's the psycho in the photo above.

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