diaper knitting

I've been knitting for cloth diapering a bunch lately. For those not in the know, wool makes very effective diaper covers - aka soakers. When they're pants, they're called longies. In the past few weeks I've done quite a bit of knitting for clother diapering. Here's a pair of longies and two soakers I've just finished. The blue one is for my new baby nephew Thomas!

The longies and the orange soaker are knit from handpainted merino wool. I used the Wooly Wonderpants pattern for the longies (with the curly purly pleated waistband). I embroidered the star on with double stitch afterwards, based on a chart for the Baby's First tattoo cardigan in stitch 'n bitch Nation. This book has a lot of cute patterns. I wish I had had time to actually knit something from it before needing to return it to the library. I'll definitely be taking this one out again, though.

I used the Warm Heart Woolies Trim Soaker pattern for the orange soaker. I really like this pattern, it knits up super quick. I kinda modified a pleated waistband for it (I don't like using drawstrings for newborn soakers and longies).

The blue soaker is another curly purly soaker, knit from bulky handpainted merino wool. This yarn is yummy, so soft, and so fast to knit. Having finished all these diapering projects, it's time to move on now, and get ready for my upcoming three week vacation to New Zealand!

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