I need to share

Bickie was invited to a Tinker Bell themed birthday party. So when it came time to knit the pressie I thought what better to make than an actual Tinker Bell. Here she is, with her friend Daffodil.

Tink and Daffodil

How cute are they? I absolutely loved making them. I used this pattern and adjusted it to meet my fairy needs. I used some of the left over Knit Picks Palette I had lying around from the fox copy yoke sweater (that I have yet to start the embroidery on - oops).

Each of them took about 3 hours to make, so not bad! With practice, I'm sure I could cut that down to 2.5 hours. LOL I'm such a slow knitter.

Here's some more glamour shots of the girls.

Tink and Daffodil



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