ripping back

Remember this angel top project? Yeah, I had virtually forgotten about it, too. All the mistakes I had left in upset me so much, I had put it away when I was just rows away from completing the back. I actually had thought that I would just frog the whole thing eventually, when I got up the nerve.

But then earlier this week I realized that next week I'm flying up to Canada to visit my sister in law and her newborn daughter, and that I haven't knit anything for said newborn yet! I racked my brain and my stash for a bit thinking of what I could finish in a week, and I came across this discarded angel top. I briefly entertained the idea of frogging it at that moment and starting something else with the yarn from scratch (the yarn being a sentimental choice for baby Lilah, seeing as she's half Kiwi, and the yarn is baby wool from New Zealand), but then it dawned on me that I could actually just finish the item I had started. Duh. But the errors on the arm hole decreasing still upset me. So I ripped it back. About 15 cm. And I continued from there. And I'm SO happy about it now. I've finished the back, and I'm chugging away on the front. Should be done in time. There's nothing like stepping away from a piece for several months and coming back to it to give you new motivation. Yay!

The other neat thing that this experience has taught me is how much I learn with each successive knitting project. Coming to this much simpler lace knitting piece from the Mystery Stole (of which I am halfway through Clue 2), I can tell I've already come a long way in my lace knitting skills. It all just makes more sense to me, which impresses me. What can I say, I'm easy to impress.

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Unknown said...

Cutie cutie!! Takes pics of baby Lilah in it! :)