I finished the chessboard (which is actually a checkerboard according to the pattern). It was a fun, easy knit, which should have taken a lot less time than it did. I'm just slow. As I mentioned before the pattern is from Weekend Knitting and it really did seem like good weekend knitting to me. The title of the book refers to knitting that's nice to do on the weekend, not necessarily patterns that can be completed in a weekend. This pattern was both (though I only did the board part of it, not the drawstring bag that goes along with it).

I almost hit a snag after finishing the bulk of it. I used Shelridge Farms 100% Wool DK in Natural White and Storm. I got a skein in Cornflower for the border, but it actually doesn't go well with the Storm. Storm has a hint of green in it. So I had to find something else to use. I thought I would have to buy something because I wanted 100% wool again, plus have the same approximate weight, but I had a look in my stash, and realized I have a lot of yarn! And a bunch of it I had forgotten about was actually 100% wool DK. So I had several choices of colour for the border. I ended up using some of the Ashford Tekapo 100% wool in a grey that I got super cheap on my New Zealand yarn shopping spree. I think it goes well.

Now I have to make the chess pieces. I have a great idea for what to do, but I don't have patterns for it, so that'll be tricky. No big rush though, as this is for a Christmas present.

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