embroidered argyle

I finished the little hooded sweater from Special Knits by Debbie Bliss. This was done with Treliske organic merino sportweight in silver. I used Denise Interchangable needles in size 7, and something about the wool was really sticky with these needles. Not so bad that I switched needles, but it did take a lot of pushing stitches around since they wouldn't slide nicely over the needles. I love this yarn though. It's super soft, and besides the stickiness, really lovely to knit with. Funnily enough, this time the hood actually seems a bit on the small side, rather than way too big like it was on the hooded kaftan I did before. I knit the sweater in the second smallest size. It turned out realy cute I think.

It became even cuter after I embroidered the argyle pattern on it. I'm so glad I decided to embroider the pattern on afterwards rather than knitting the color changes in. Embroidering took no time at all. Okay, really a few hours, but it flew by. I took the argyle chart from the same book, different pattern, but I altered it because I wanted 3 across the front, and the way it was written, I needed an odd number of stitches, and the front is an even number of stitches wide. So I doubled the width of the center diamond, and kept the side ones the same. I was going to put the pattern on the back as well, but decided against it. I need to ship this off and start some new projects!

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