reason for being

I first learned to knit about 10 years ago. My then future mother-in-law taught me when I asked her as a way of breaking the ice at our first meeting. I started a sweater, but that was definitely too ambitious a first project, and I forgot about it half way through the back. I only really started again summer 2004 when we went to visit my MIL, this time with our 1 year old daughter. MIL refreshed my memory of knitting, and now I had someone cute and little to knit cute, little projects for.

Back home, as I started working on various knitting projects, I had no one here to help me when I had questions. So I went online, and found everything I ever needed to know. I've been able to review and purchase yarn, patterns and accessories. Lately, I've most enjoyed reading knitting blogs. I love seeing pictures of what people are knitting, seeing what yarn goes good with what patterns, reading what people think of specific fibers, yarns, needles and patterns, and getting helpful tips on all things knitting. So as a way to give back and hopefully help other knitters in the same way, I thought I'd start a blog, too.

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