knitting out of my slump

In an effort to get out of this knitting slump I've been in I started and completed some easy projects, putting aside the problem Angel Top. First I decided to knit a spiral scarf. I've never made one before, but it sounded easy enough. Just cast on a lot of stitches (however long you want the scarf, since it's knit lengthwise), double the stitch count every other row, and cast off. I cast on 110 stitches with my Fleece Artist Country Mohair (100% mohair, heavy worsted weight, colourway Jester) on size 10.5 needles. As I said before it seemed too dense, so after the second time I increased (with 440 stitches on the needles) I switched to size 13 needles. Not sure if it was necessary. As I knit along, it seemed like this project would be another victim of my knitting slump. But I soldiered on, figuring it would all come together on cast off. And that seems to be what happened. After casting off 880 stitches it looks pretty cute.

Next I knit an old standby, something I knew I couldn't mess up, another curly purly soaker. Size medium, knit with 100purewool 100% merino worsted. Very soft yarn, great for soakers, longies, and most likely felting (though I haven't felted with it yet). Knit on size 8 needles for the main portion (sizes 3 and 5 for the waistband, 5 for the leg hole ribbing). This one is for a friend, but I just realized I need to knit a new one for Baby, as she's just about outgrown the one I knit for her, whoa! A year ago! She's a wee little thing for her age, but it's still surprising that she fits a soaker at 16 months old that she wore at 4 months old.

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Macoco said...

880 stitches!?!? wow - I'm so glad that didn't put you into a knitting slump and actually helped you get out of a slump.

Thank you for posting the link to the soakers pattern. A friend of mine recently asked me to knit her some.