what's done is done

I thought I'd share a picture of the last project I finished before the lacy scarf. This is a soaker knit from the curly purly free soaker pattern. It was knit from the same 100% merino wool as the green soaker below (color: Otono Fantasia). My lovely 4 month old daughter is modeling. And even though it practically comes up to her nipples, I love this soaker, it's my favourite of hers so far. And it should fit her for a good long while. I knit a pair of booties out of the same yarn, and I'm not quite so pleased with them, just because they pill SO much. The no-ply yarn works well for the soaker, because the soaker doesn't rub up against anything ever. But with the baby feet always kicking, the booties are always rubbing against stuff, hence the pilling. At least they keep her feet warm.

Grandma's shawl is coming along. Slowly. I'd post another picture, but it would look pretty much exactly like the one below, just with slightly more shawl. I've got the max number of stitches now, so each row takes a looooooong time. Well, half an hour, which feels really long. That means each night I get about half a repeat of the main pattern done. I've got 5 repeats left. You do the math.

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