web spinning

To start my next project, grandma's shawl, first I had to ball the yarn. 2200 meters of it. That's like, over a mile of yarn I wound BY HAND. Yes, I'm insane. It took over 2 and a half hours. My arm was SO sore the next day. I totally need a ball winder.

I've started knitting this Cobweb shawl and so far I'm enjoying it. The yarn is a very very fine boucle type mohair/wool/nylon blend. I'm using my Denise Interchangable Needles, which work well because the tips are really pointy.


Kirsten said...

Oh I like the denise needles and I love the shawl so far. Where did you get all of the yarn in one length?

Kya said...

Thanks! The yarn is another Fleece Artist special purchase through the yarn co-op. It's called Angel Curls, color Aqua, and it came in a 250 g hank = 2200 meters.