now the web is almost done

Yay! My ridiculous course has finally ended, so I actually have time to knit again! I had fallen really behind on my shawl for my grandmother, but now I'm almost done. I decided to only do six and a half of the main repeats on the max number of stitches, instead of seven and a half, because I need to make sure I get this done before we fly out to see her next week! So here's a photo of it before I started the edging. I'm having a really hard time determining how big it's going to be finished, because the circular I've got it on is much shorter than the full length of the edge would be fully stretched out. I think it might end up a bit small? But maybe blocking will make it normal shawl size? Who knows.

Here's a close up. It really is cobwebby. I like how light and airy it is. I'm not personally a fan of the sea foam greenish color, but I think Grandma will like it. Lace is so much fun to knit. But next up after this I've got a few soakers I need to do. Thankfully I've decided not to take any courses at all this summer, so I'll get to spend lots of hot summer nights knitting. Oh, I've also decided to try my hand at sewing. I've always sucked at sewing, but I think that's because I've never spent time to learn it. I've always just thought, "Oh, how hard can it be to make a shirt?" But I've realized now that it's probably a learned skill, so I've reserved a sewing 101 book from the library, and we'll see how it goes. After I get this shawl done, of course. And a few soakers. Oh, and the shawl I'm knitting my mom for her birthday in May. :P

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