Learning new tricks

I forgot to mention in the last post that I used this project to teach myself a lot of different knitting tricks.

After the lace section, there's a bunch of plain circular stocking stitch, which is just knitting knitting knitting. So I practiced my continental knit stitch. Then, you split the front and back, and there's a whole bunch of back and forth stocking stitch. Rather than learn continental purling, which seems like a PITA, I figured out how to do left handed continental knit stitch. So rather than knitting across a row, then turning the work to look at the wrong side as I purled across, I knit across a row, and then just switched the yarn to my right hand (since I was doing continental, the yarn had been in my left had for the knit across) and continued to look at the right side, and left handed knit back across. Got that? It's wicked cool. I'll have to take a video and show you some time. Saves so much time not having to turn the work and purl. I just have to practice more to make my stitches more consistent.

Learning new tricks is what I do to keep the knitting interesting. Not that it ever really gets boring. Well, it does a bit, during those never ended stocking stitch rounds. So if you're in a knitting funk and kinda bored of it, try a new technique!

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