Happy Belated Mothers Day!

Yes, that's right. I just got around to finishing this bamboo lace top for my mom that I started way back in May. It was meant to be a birthday/Mothers Day present, and then I got busy. But it's done now! And she likes it. She even wore it to choir practice, so she must like it a lot.

The pattern is the Lotus Blossom Tank by Sharon Shoji in the Summer 2006 Interweave Knits. I used Sarah's Yarn 100% Bamboo in Sage. Not sure how I feel about bamboo. It's really soft and slippery. Too much so, maybe. I've got the same stuff in pink and blue also. Maybe I'll make bags out of that.

Anyways. Here's my mom showing off the back.
Lotus Blossom Tank Back

And here I am showing the front.
Lotus Blossom Tank

Mom will be wearing a shirt under it, as the lace shows off a bit too much skin for her otherwise. It's really cute either way.

But something about the fit makes my arms look HUGE. And I'm not just saying that being all self-critical. Even my husband told me it made my arms look fat, which is not the kind of thing he normally says at all. But then he pointed out that it must be the design, because the same affect could be seen on the model wearing it on the Interweave Knits cover. She's not a large woman at all, but check out those upper arms! Weird.

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Unknown said...

Cute!! it looks really good on you - make yourself one!