not knitting sucks

I hate not knitting. I feel like I'm wasting my life away when I'm not knitting. Problem is, my shoulder still kills. I guess it's good and bad. Since I stopped knitting, the pain hasn't improved (it's actually worse now), so I guess the knitting wasn't the problem (more likely it's all the Guitar Hero I was playing) and I could probably knit still. But it hurts so much. :( Wah! I'm a crybaby. It's most likely a nerve issue, as the pain has spread all the way down my arm to my elbow and hand. The chiro appointments haven't shown any sign of helping, so it might just have to be physical therapy next. I'm a mess.

In the meantime, I'll share some knit fixing I did a few weeks ago.

Cleaning out the girls' closet, I found this gorgeous purple raglan roll neck sweater that Auntie Marya had knit for Bic when she was about 1 year old. Meaning it was a long time ago. Marya had knit and cast off the roll neck too tight, so it couldn't fit over Bic's head, so it was never worn. Marya had attempted to fix it once, but it still was too tight, and by then Bic had outgrown it anyways, so it languished. Having found it, I realized it was now or never to get it worn, as it looked just about the perfect size for Nys now. I just ripped back the neck almost all the way, put the stitches on much larger needles, knit just a few rounds, and cast off super duper loose. Now it fits over Nys' head. :)

Purple Raglan Roll Neck

Feeling victorious, I thought I'd tackle a much harder knit fix challenge. Remember this? The adorable little purple hoodie I made for Nys got snagged on something and cut clear through, not just one stitch, but 2 stitches, in 2 different rows. I had it lying around forever, meaning to fix it. I finally did.

Purple  Hoodie

Fixing it wasn't nearly so hard as I thought it would be, but it wasn't easy. I undid several stitches either side of each cut, and put the cut ends plus new yarn on a tapestry needle together. Then sewed the stitches back in. That means in the area of the cut, the yarn is now doubled, but it's not too noticeable.

I totally love this sweater, despite the fact that the hood is ENORMOUS. The yarn is amazing. JaggerSpun Zephyr in the DK weight, it's 50% merino wool and 50% silk. I wasn't especially impressed while I was knitting it, and when Nys wore the sweater the first few times, but after this fix, I finally washed it, and the yarn totally blossomed. It's so soft and silky and shiney and pretty. :)

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Macoco said...

Those are two great fixes!!! And purple is definitely her color. ;)