can't do math

Apparently I can't do math. Adding and subtracting the number 1 is too much for my brain to handle. Last post I mentioned trying to finish Clue 1 of the Mystery Stole in time so I could remain 2 clues behind. But since Clue 3 was the one being released, I needed to finish so I could stay 1 clue behind.

Not that my math error means much now, because it's almost a week later, and I still haven't finished Clue 1. I've got 6 rows left. So my goal is to finish by Friday, when Clue 4 is released, so then I will be in fact 2 clues behind. Hee.

I have gotten some other knitting accomplished as well. My hot pink sweater is coming along. I've finished the front left panel, and I've started on the front right panel. I really like it. It's a fun knit. And Big Sister Bou will love it.

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