2 clues behind

I'm spinning wheels here trying to finish clue 1 of Mystery Stole 3 tonight so that when a new clue is released tomorrow I'll still only be 2 clues behind. I'm loving knitting this so far. I love lace. Working with beads for the first time ever is fun, too. Not good TV knitting though. Watching DVRed Age of Love the other night (I know, totally cheesy gimmicky reality dating show, but I kinda have an excuse because I was actually a huge Philippoussis fan back in the 90s when he was big on the world championship circuit) I didn't fast forward through the commercials, so that I could concentrate on knitting every now and then.

I totally see a face. Do you see a face? I think it looks like a screaming Medusa, with snaky hair, but Aidan thinks it looks like an antelope with antlers.

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Unknown said...

I gotta go with Aidan on the reindeer front - though if I squint I can kinda see a Medusa. Does it definitely have a picture in it, or are you just commneting that you're seeing one? It looks great though - very cool. How are the beads working out?