So I have to take a break from knitting for a bit. Hopefully just a few days. My neck and upper back have been killing me recently, and I think my nightly knitting might be the culprit. It must be the new project I started or something. I'm working on this bunny for Narie as a prize for winning our Easter Egg Hunt. I first started knitting it on size 5 needles, but with the Fleece Artist Kasula I used, it was too loose and stuffing would have shown through. So I ripped it out and knit again on size 3. Just stocking stitch, so I'm not sure why it would tense me up so much and cause so much pain. Maybe it's not the knitting... But knitting certainly isn't helping.

I don't know what I'll do with myself. My nightly ritual, after getting the girls to bed, is to sit in front of the TV and knit, for 2-3 hours. I can't JUST watch TV. That would be being unproductive. Maybe I'll exercise. HA.

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Macoco said...

I hope your neck and upper back feel better soon. Maybe some good stretching is in order?