Another finished (crochet) object

Babies, babies, everywhere!  My niece down south is snuggling the crochet blanket I made as we speak, and another niece is due in less than a month up north.  She'll be getting this little hoodie that I just revealed over on NewZealandHandmade.co.nz.

Since it ended up on the large size, I'm also currently knitting a little matinee coat, because I'd like her to be able to wear something handknit by me very soon after coming into this world!  This time the sweater is ending up on the very small side it seems, so I'll have to make sure I finish it in time and send it off right away, as the baby will probably only fit it for the first month or so.  I've got just the sleeves and the finishing left, so stay tuned for the post on that finished item.

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Knitting Girl said...

Oh thats so cute! And it's actually quite hip for baby wear, not what you normally see :)