Hats for Lisa

Wow! It's been awhile. I've been knitting. Heaps. (That's a frequently used word in New Zealand in case you didn't know.) But I haven't posted any of my items, because I wanted to save it all up. And now I'm ready for the big reveal.

I've been working on a fundraiser for my sister-in-law Lisa. See the details here:

The synopsis (if you're too lazy to click the link) is that I've been knitting hats to sell and auction off to raise money for Lisa since she's been dealing with breast cancer, a herniated disc in her back, a difficult pregnancy, a typically challenging toddler and a recently hobbled husband. All of that makes paying bills difficult, and I wanted to help. You can too, and get a sweet hat at the same time! The list of hats is here:

Click the link. You know you want to. I've only got 5 hats up so far, but I've knit 3 times that. It just takes time to get good photos and list them all. So keep checking back, too. Thanks!

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