Finishing Up

My copycat sweater is almost done.


This was taken before I grafted the underarm opening, and before I sewed in the ends from all the color changes. Those two steps I've since done. So all I have left to do is embroider the animals on. The original has foxes which were knit in intarsia. Since I was knitting in the round, intarsia wasn't an option, plus I didn't get the colors needed for foxes. So I decided I'd embroider dragonflies on instead. Should be easy, I've got dark dark green I'll use for the bodies, and I'll use the lilac color for wings. Now I just have to get around to doing it.

Interesting note about this sweater... As I was analyzing the original, I figured out that it wasn't entirely a yoke sweater, and wasn't entirely raglan. It's raglan for the first half of the top bit, and then yoke for the rest. So I made mine the same way. I think it turned out well. A problem I have with yoke sweaters is the puckering that results, so I was kinda wanting to do raglan anyways, but wasn't sure how that would work out with the color work. Problem solved with the hybrid solution.

Oh, and learning continental during the whole boring body of the sweater paid off in spades when I got to the stranded color section. It was SO easy to knit with one color held in the left hand (continental) and one in the right hand (English). I'm so glad I finally taught myself this. So if you've ever been thinking about learning a different style of knitting, go for it!

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Macoco said...

That is such a sweet sweater!