too girly for a boy

The cashmerino astrakhan presto chango is done. Well, virtually done. I finished sewing it all together, and went to put it on Little Sis Nys to model it, and the seam ripped. Ooops. Because of the nature of the yarn, I obviously couldn't use it to sew the seams, so instead had used a standard sewing thread in the same color. It clearly was not strong enough for the job, even doubled up. I'll just have to get stronger thread for it. I still managed to get a picture of it. I had been planning on this as a present for one of my many baby nephews, but the boucle makes this just too girly. I guess I'll just keep it for Nys for now, and then when she outgrows it send it on to a random baby girl.

Finished Sweater

As you can see, I modified the pattern, making it all one piece, rather than having the detachable front panel. Here's what it looked like before it was (inadequately) sewn up.

Sweater Unfolded

I think it looks like a thneed.

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Unknown said...

What's a thneed?

Cute sweater (with or without inadequate seaming) :)