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Finally, after touring yarn stores all over the world, I finally paid a first visit to my local yarn store. Seriously. I buy most of my yarn online, and when I'm home I usually have 500 other things to be doing, so I've never made the 10 minute drive before to A Good Yarn to check out in person some lovely yarns. Well, my best friend just moved back from NYC and her new apartment is right down the street from A Good Yarn, so the other morning we went, with Little Sis Nys in tow. They've got a nice selection, and the best part is they have a few old toys to keep the kiddos occupied. With supervision of course, provided by my BFF. :)

I went without a project or pattern in mind, which is usually the way. The way I knit is I get yarn I like, then I search for something to make out of it. So I was just browsing to see if there was any yarn I liked. There was a lot, but since I'm a bit budget-constrained lately, I limited myself to some sale yarn. I got 6 balls of this super soft Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Astrakhan boucle type yarn. And then I wanted to knit something out of it right away.

Debblie Bliss Astrakhan

I searched and searched for a cute, basic baby sweater to make (basic since the boucle won't show any sort of knit patterning). I didn't want a hoodie, because I've come to the realization after knitting a few hoodies, and buying my kids countless other hooded items, that kids generally don't like to wear hoods. I settled on the Presto Chango. It looks simple (I'll just stocking stitch the front panel) but of course I'll need to get a bunch of buttons at some point.

So far I've knit the first 3 inches or so of the back. The yarn is so slow to knit, because of all the loopy bits, and the 2 plies keep separating, but I love the way the knitted fabric looks. I'm happy to be working on something that seems like it will go quickly, because as I mentioned before I'm bored of the other big project I have on the needles. This break from it will hopefully get me back on track.

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Anonymous said...

Ha! Love the realization about hoodies. Too bad, though - they look so cute on kids!

I like the sweater pattern, that'll be wicked cute.

Whatever happened to the mystery stole?