very early, very pink

None of the 3 PBS channels we get, the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon air toddler appropriate shows before 6:00 am. How do I know this? For the past several weeks, Baby has been waking up around 5:30. Not bad considering she goes down easily at 7:00 pm and sleeps soundly through the night. But when she wakes up she's grumpy, and she slowly revs up to a maniacal scream if she doesn't get what she wants. And all she seems to want is TV. Rather than have her wake everyone else in the house up, we usually give in and let her watch. So before 6:00, it's Baby Shakespeare. Gotta love Bard the Dragon. (Of course, according to the AAP no TV is appropriate for Baby since she's under 2. Oops.)

So here I am, in the wee hours of the morning, with some time on my hands. I guess I'll show you what I started last night. It's the Leaf Motif Jacket from Patons endless days pattern book for kids. It's an old book that my MIL had and I photocopied off of her. Shhh. Don't tell anyone.

I was going to knit a gauge swatch, really I was, but then I figured out how many stitched to make the swatch (35) and then I looked and saw the number of stitches to cast on for the first section of the project (35) and I decided to just start on up. If the gauge is wrong, I'll start over. So far, after a couple of inches, it seems good.

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Unknown said...

Baby Shakespeare? Sounds like something I'd approve of...maybe some morning I'll come over and watch it with her, so you can sleep in! ;)