pile o' pink

For a few months now, due to budget constrains, I've been on a self-imposed yarn embargo. But just before I started my stash-building hiatus, I placed one last order for a whole heck of a lot of yarn. Today it finally arrived, and it (along with the generous gift mentioned in the previous post) has made my yarn ban slightly more manageable.

As you can see, it's pink. Very pink. The reason for so much pink is that I have somehow managed to become the mother of a very girly girl. Every time I've knit Big Sister something, she's just a little bit disappointed that it's not pink. So I finally decided to knit her a lovely pink sweater, and thought I'd make a matching one for Baby while I was at it. And that leads to an order of 16 skeins of pink Blue Faced Leicester DK wool from The Natural Dye Studio. It's super soft, and the colour is gorgeous (despite the hot pink hue). Now I just need to find the time to knit it.


Gryphon said...

That is very pink indeed!
Thanks for your comment on the merry maiden dress. If you do make it, I recommend avouiding strongly variegated yarns like the one in the magazine - you can see the pattern much better in a solid.

Anonymous said...

I love the pink - the girls are going to fabulous darling! Perhaps matching, felted clutch purses also...?

Unknown said...

Hardcore mom with armband tattoos, and a girly-girl daughter...ha! Cute. :)