diggin' the crochet thing

Since I previously taught myself to crochet I took the opportunity of Mother's Day to hook (is the the correct usage? I'm new to crochet lingo as well) a quick kerchief and scarf for my dear mum. She models them below. The kerchief pattern is from Cozy Crochet and it took me something like 20 tries to finally figure out how to start it. All due to my inexperience, nothing wrong with the actual pattern. Though it would have been nice for the book, which is aimed at beginners, to be more explicit with the directions. Once I got the first few rows down, though, it was smooth sailing and quite easy.

The scarf I actually started the morning of Mother's Day, so I needed something really light and quick. I selected just the corkscrew part of Cool Warmth and it was totally easy. Since I obviously did a few other things that day, I finished just as Mom was going to bed.

The yarn was almost all that I had left of 100purewool 100% merino worsted in Sienna Marble. Probably just under a skein. My mom wanted the kerchief quite big. I kept asking her if it was big enough, and she kept saying, "No, bigger." Till I finally decided on my own that she couldn't possibly want it any bigger, and finished it up. And of course she told me that it wasn't big enough when I gave it to her. Oh, well.

Oh, and something I learned was that the length of a chain decreases significantly when you slip stitch all the way back along it. I only chained half as many chains for the ties as the pattern called for because they seemed really really long, until I slip stitched back and realized why they called for so many. But, because the kerchief was so big, the ties are still long enough. :)

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