who needs hats?

I've been on a headband kick lately. First I made all those pantas as Christmas gifts. Then I decided I needed to try some new headband patterns. I made this purple one that Big Sister is modeling (goes with the purple ribbon on her dress). It's the Nakiska pattern from knitty.com. Cables, cables, cables. Now that I've actually knit cables, I can say that they're technically simple, but still a PITA. Not sure if they're worth the decorative effort on such a small project.

I love the way the headband turned out, but it took me ages. I knit it from the same JaggerSpun Zephyr DK (color Elderberry) that I used on Baby's hoodie (same previous post coincidentally). I knit the Adult S/M size (cast on 90) and it fits me perfectly. The yarn I used is almost an exact gauge match to the recommended yarn, so I knit on the recommended size 5 needles.

Since I've dedided that cables aren't fun, it was then time to try yet another headband pattern. I went for the Calorimetry pattern on knitty.com. This is my favourite by far. Here's a picture I took of myself with my spiffy new webcam that came with my spiffy new laptop. The yarn is Noro Big Kureyon color #7. I've been knitting with handpainted yarn so much recently, it's a nice change to have the gradual color gradation of the Big Kureyon. I love the way the color stripes go in my Calorimetry.

Again, the yarn I used was almost an exact match for the pattern. I used the recommended size 8 needles. But having read on a few other blogs how big it turns out, I followed this knitter's alterations. I only cast on 80 stitches, and I only repeated row 5 eleven times, instead of the fifteen it says. It fits me perfectly, but I'm starting another one and I'm casting on 88 stitches instead, since it's a gift, and I'd hate for it to be too small. This thing would be HUGE if knit to pattern. Good thing I thought to Google it first. :)

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Michelle said...

Wow, you're really churning out the knitting! I've been in a knitting slump the last couple of weeks due to a teething babe and general busy-ness.

All your FOs are inspiring!