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For my next project I was going to knit the argyle cardigan, again from Special Knits by Debbie Bliss, for my upcoming nephew (due in January). I knit this swatch with the yarn I wanted to use Treliske Organic sportweight merino. Rather than knitting the pattern in using intarsia, I embroidered the diamonds on afterward using duplicate stitch. As you can probably see, the cream is really too light on the silver, so I think I'll use brown tweed instead. The darker color there is dark brown that doesn't seem to be available on Treliske's site anymore.

But now I think I won't do the argyle cardigan after all. I hadn't realized that it calls for baby weight yarn, so I would have to do heaps of altering to make it work with this thicker yarn. Since I'm just going to be embroidering the pattern on afterwards, any stocking stitch sweater should do. So I think I'll do the hooded sweater from the same book. Yes, another hooded sweater. But I like hoodies. And I'll add the argyle pattern onto it to make it super cute.

While I'm working on that I'll do a little side project for myself. Inspired by the Panta! thread on MDC Yarn Crafts, I'm going to make one using this gorgeous Interlacements worsted weight merino called Oregon Worsted II. The colorway is Tapestry. I think I'll do most of the suggestions given. Like doing a provisional cast on and kitchenering (is that a word?) the seam. And also slipping last stitches rather than having a garter stitch border. I'm not really a fan of garter stitch. If it all works out well, I'll probably make several for gifts for friends and family.

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