I'm cheating on my knitting

I have a confession to make. I'm working on multiple knitting projects at the same time. Until recently, I've always only worked on one project at a time. I thought it would be "cheating" if, in the middle of a project, I got bored and started a new one. Plus, I also thought I would never get around to going back to the original project and finishing it. So I forced myself to finish a project before starting a new one. In the instances that I got incredibly bored with a project, I'd just stop knitting for weeks at a time.

But now I've finally gotten over it. I don't know what did it. Probably the fact that I have SO many projects I want to do, I couldn't settle on just one.

So I've got that little green clutch that I'm still got going on. I've decided to add some little white beads on either side of the daisy, so once I'm done with the beading I'll just have to sew the bag together and add the lining and zipper. Then I've also started a lace poncho for Marya. I've only done four rows of that. And there's this pair of longies I've almost finished for Baby. It started out as another curly purly soaker but then the weather started getting colder, and I realized having longies is so much better than trying to get regular baby pants over a cloth diapered baby butt. So after doing the waistband, I just changed to the Wooly Wonder Wonderpants pattern. I've also just barely started the Peace Fleece Child's Shepard Jacket.

The problem I'm having though, is that I usually always use my Denise Interchangables, and all these patterns require pretty much the same needles. It takes some manipulation whenever I switch between projects. Oh well. It's worth it to be able to knit different projects depending on my mood.

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